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Create interactive user flows, stunning design presentations, and step-by-step walkthroughs to engage your audience in synchronous or asynchronous design critique.
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One design story. Three ways to tell it.

Canvas & User flows

Bring in your designs from your favorite design tool, build user flow diagrams to show the user journey and share your interactive birds-eye-view presentation with your team or clients.

Prototype view

Switch to a screen-by-screen view to show the fine details of your designs. Interact with the out-of-the-box rapid prototype with your mouse or navigate with your arrow keys with ease.

Story view

Create interactive, self-guided design walkthroughs and allow your audience to follow your presentation at their own pace. Get feedback without long emails and unnecessary meetings.

Save time for creativity

Creating and updating user flows or design presentations takes considerable time. Overflow allows you to spend less time on tedious tasks and focus on improving your work and creating stunning presentations.

Sync from any design tool

Bring your designs into Overflow from your favorite design tool in seconds. Use them as a base to create beautiful user flows and design presentations in minutes. Simply re-sync after each design iteration cycle to keep your presentation up to speed.

Sync your work from design tools

Visually enhance your story

Add additional visual elements to enhance your presentation without interfering with your design. Customize everything, colors, styles, typography, or add branding and other visual cues to make your presentation shine.

It's great for mapping complex products or features. Highly customisable and extremely easy to use as well.
David Teodorescu
David TeodorescuLead Product Designer

Work together with your team

Achieve a more collaborative result by inviting your teammates to contribute as project editors. All Overflow documents come with unlimited version history, helping you meet your team’s documentation needs with minimum effort.

It's the top choice for creating user flows that can help you visually to tell the stories behind them. Highly customizable and extremely easy to use.
Dej Mejia
Dej MejiaSenior UX Designer @Adobe

Tell your design story like never before

Create interactive, step-by-step design walkthroughs and become a master storyteller.

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Present without even being there

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Keep your design files tidy

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Keep the whole team in sync

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Organize work in unlimited boards

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Share only when you are ready

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Get feedback from back in time

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Everything you need for thatwowdecoreffect

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Bring in your designs from the most popular design tools. All original layers or prototyping links stay the same, saving you valuable time from recreating them.

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Build powerful design presentations, or interactive user flows in 30 minutes or less. Add context and character to your user journey with device skins, annotations, styles, etc.

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Power-boost your internal workflow by organizing your work in team folders, inviting document editors, and giving them access to your work’s full version history.

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Deliver engaging presentations by switching between a bird’s eye view and a screen-by-screen prototype of your user experience. Navigate smoothly with useful keyboard shortcuts.

Two different publications of the same document, one titled 'Design' and the other 'User flow'


Upload your work to the Overflow Cloud and generate publication links for your stakeholders. Alternatively, embed your presentations in any collaboration tool, website, or blog.

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Get feedback

Encourage your team or stakeholders to engage in asynchronous design critique by leaving comments anywhere on your Overflow document.

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Learn how Infinite Red uses Overflow to improve asynchronous communication with their clients.

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