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Present your designs effectively, receive team feedback, and move faster through the different stages of product design.
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Use cases

Build engaging, interactive presentations that tell the story behind your designs.

Early stage ideation

Validate your idea early with minimum time investment, using simple shapes and arrows.

Wireframe user flows

Present your flow with a minimum level of design detail, before proceeding to high-fidelity design.

Cross device flows

Present designs adapted to different device types and sizes for a holistic view of your user experience.

Capture existing flows

Document and improve the user experience of existing digital products using simple screenshots.

Get feedback

With Overflow comments

  • Upload your presentation to the Overflow Cloud to get a publication link that you can send to anyone. Recipients are not required to install the Overflow app.
  • Your team can view your design presentation on desktop, mobile, or any other popular device.
  • Everyone with the link can exchange feedback through Overflow comments, leading to faster design iteration and decision-making.

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In popular collaboration tools

Embed your Overflow presentation in your favourite collaboration tools, such as Trello, JIRA, or Confluence to keep the whole team in sync and collect feedback.

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Enhance teamwork

  • Store Overflow publications in private or shared folders, depending on your structure and security policies.
  • Give editor rights to one or multiple teammates, collaborate on your documents and give them access to their full version history.

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How do I get started?


Start your 14-day, full-featured Overflow trial

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Sync from your favorite tool or drag and drop images

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Build interactive presentations to facilitate internal decision-making!

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