Introducing Overflow Stories

The new, better way to communicate creative work

Overflow Stories is the ultimate presentation tool to create interactive, self-guided tours of your designs
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Design storytelling

Overflow Stories offers a simple and fast way to create step-by-step walkthroughs of your designs and share them with your team and stakeholders.

  • Save time building intuitive, interactive, self-paced presentations.
  • Add context and clarity to your designs to get better feedback.
  • Deliver a consistent presentation experience to any audience.
  • Avoid the hassle of setting up unnecessary real-time meetings.
  • Present to multiple people in different time zones. Asynchronously.
  • Keep your product team and stakeholders aligned at all times.decor

Goodbye notes, hello stories!

Enhance your existing design communication workflow.

Overflow Stories is the perfect companion to your favorite design tool like Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. Share your work with a powerful presentation that offers context and structure to your real-time or asynchronous design critique workflow.

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Guided presentation
Step-by-step navigation
Interactive presentation
Skip design annotations
Skip explainer emails/videos
Skip unnecessary meetings
Get quantitative feedbackComing soon

Add storytelling to your presentation in record time

Overflow Stories includes powerful new features that will allow you to effortlessly narrate the story behind your designs, ensuring your audience is on the same page even if you are not present.

Structure your presentation

Sync your designs to Overflow from your design tool. Optionally build a user flow as the basis of your self-guided, interactive presentation.

Create scenes

Draw focus areas to provide the sequence of your step-by-step walkthrough. Overflow Stories allows any desired number of scenes in one document.

Add text prompts

Add any number of text prompts to serve as your storyteller’s “voice” for each step of the presentation, even if you are not around.

Present and share

Present your design walkthrough in real-time or send a link to your team or stakeholders for a self-guided tour that they can easily follow at their own pace.

“People appreciate good design, but they fall in love with a great story.”

Lead Product Designer