Overflow 2.0 is here!

Introducing powerful new features to boost collaboration within your team and speed up your workflow.
Introducing Overflow 2.0
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Save your work online

Upload your work to the Overflow Cloud, ensuring the latest version of your document is always available, and speeding up the sharing process.

A view of Cloud documents in the Overflow launcher window.

Work with your team

Give any of your team members editing access to your document, allowing them to pick up from where you left off and contribute to a better final result.

A close-up view of the adding editors functionality in Overflow.

Unlimited document versions

Access a full list of your document’s versions, bookmark your favourites and rename them for an easier, more transparent documentation experience.

The version history modal for an Overflow document.

Lightning-fast publishing

Publishing large documents to the Cloud takes only a fraction of the time it used to before, allowing you to focus on what’s really important.

Close-up view of the new publication modal in Overflow.

What’s new in Overflow 2.0

Cloud saving

Save your work on the Overflow Cloud and easily access all of your Cloud documents directly from the Overflow launcher window.

An icon depicting an Overflow document getting uploaded to the Cloud.
Lightning-fast publishing

Generating publication links for your Cloud documents is almost instant, giving your workflow an extra speed boost.

An icon depicting inverted lightning reaching up to the Cloud.
Collaborative editing

Add any of your teammates as editors to your document, so they can contribute to your work without time-consuming file exchanges.

An icon of two human silhouettes connected with a plus sign.
Autosave functionality

Never lose work again - Overflow automatically saves your work in frequent intervals, even if you momentarily lose your Internet connection.

An icon of a document with rotating arrows in the foreground.
Document versioning

Access the unlimited version history of each one of your documents, bookmark your favorites and roll back to any past version anytime.

An icon of a document and a clock.
Document access

Customize access to individual documents irrespective of the parent folder's settings and achieve a more granular level of security.

An icon of a document and a lock, engraved with a user avatar.

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